Top Tips For Finding The Right Minicab Insurance

Top Tips For Finding The Right Minicab Insurance

As you would expect, there are strict legal rules in place regarding minicab insurance. Anyone who charges a fare for driving passengers needs to have an insurance policy to cover them, be it a one man band or a whole fleet of cars. The exact type of cover you need can be complex, and this article will look at how to go about getting the right cover for the best price. In addition, you might also want to consider public liability cover, which isn’t a legal requirement for minicab drivers, but would cover the cost of defending claims made against you, for example in a road traffic accident.

How should I find the right cover?

There are lots of things to consider. How many cars and drivers need cover? How old are those drivers. Have they had any previous accidents? Have you made any claims in recent years? Should you go for ‘third party’ or fully comprehensive cover? Do you want extras like public liability or breakdown cover? How do you want to pay? Annually, by direct debit, weekly, monthly? There are a lot of variables, so it’s advisable to work out what’s important to you and your business. It will definitely help to talk to an insurance specialist – there are loads out there to help you find the best insurance for your business, and at the best price.

How can costs be kept down?

Minicab insurance is a specialist product, so it’s advisable to talk to someone who is experienced in this type of insurance. They should be able to find you just what you need at a price that’s right as they’ll have access to deals you won’t find elsewhere.

It will also help you to build up your no claims. Some products work on a pay as you go basis and allow you to build up no claims benefits in as little as 6 months.

Lastly, consider a forward facing camera. This will film any incidences when something bumps or if you break hard, meaning that any dispute can be settled quickly and straightforwardly. This will help keep premiums down, and insurance specialists have access to many policies that offer discounts if you have one fitted, some even fit them for you!

Minicab insurance is essential for your business, but it’s complicated and can be costly if you don’t get the best deal for your particular needs. Talking to a specialist and experienced minicab insurance company is the ideal way to access the right arrangement for you, at a price that works.

Tips Starting Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Tips Starting Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Organize your time! To be successful, you need to dedicate some time to affiliate marketing. Keep a routine and stick to it. Choose a topic you know about. When it comes to selling something, you want to make sure that you pick something that you have interest in and can add your personal opinion to. If you chose something you don’t like, you will get bored and quit.

Select more than one merchant. Have 3 or 4 or 5 different kinds of the same product to promote, you will give your customer much more selection to choose from. If they choose any of them, you earn.Keep good billing records for you home based business.

Make sure you use a reliable host for your home based business. I suggest Host Gator. They have many benefits others do not. Make sure you know the basics of making a web page and HTML (very easy tutorial on the left toolbar of this page). Anybody can make a web page with a little bit of help. Host gator offers a good site builder for free when you host with them. Your web page must look professional to maintain your credibility. Nobody will buy anything from a crappy web page.

Advertise for free when you can. Nothing is better than free or close to free advertising. USFreeAds is by far the best way to advertise and reach a ton of people. Other means of reaching people for free is through articles, blogs, videos, etc. Use your imagination to come up with inovative ways to advertise.

Stay motivated and keep a positive attitude. Nothing will kill your affiliate business quicker than lack of motivation and excitement. Staying motivated and excited is one of the most important factors, next to professionalism and credibility. Having a positive attitude is also very important. Nobody wants to deal with a negative merchant. You need to maintain a good reputation to keep customers coming back.

Sell only high quality products with money back guarantees. There is no point in selling something that won’t satisfy the customer. You want the most in demand products. People are more willing to buy if they know they can get their money back if the product does not meet their expectations.

Educate yourself as much as possible on the subject and read, read, read. You want to become an expert in what you are selling.

The best affiliates are the best because of their determination, professionalism, credibility, and positive attitude.

MORE TIPS on marketing your business.

Leave comments on other people’s blogs and articles with a backlink to your site.

Post in forums and have a link to your site in your signature.

Advertise your website on CraigsList

Submit your blog to 100’s of free blog directories.

Submit your website to the major search engines.

Optimize each page of your website for a particular keyword.

Add a “bookmark this site” link to your webpages.

Submit your site to any related niche directories.

Participate in a banner or link exchange program.

Pass out business cards with your domain on them everywhere you go.

Start a page on social bookmarking sites such as MySpace

Use a autoresponder or email campaign to keep people coming back to your site.

Purchase ads on other sites.

Sell or place classified ads on eBay with a link to your site.

Post free classified ads on any of the sites that allow them with a link to your site.

Purchase advertising in popular newsletters or ezines.

Buy and use an easy to remember domain name.

Create an Amazon profile and submit reviews for books and other products that you have read.

Email your list. If you don’t have one, get one.

Tips For Achieving Star Performance at Work

10 Tips For Achieving Star Performance at Work

Last week I attended a presentation where I picked some great tips to help make your performance at work shine and raise you above the crowd. These tips apply whether you are self-employed or employed at a company.

In this economy, people are looking for ways to stay employed or keep their customers coming back to seek their products or services. Rising above the crowd is of significant importance in an economy in which businesses are downsizing and consumers are cutting back spending. This article provides some strategic and tactical ideas that you can apply immediately to start moving towards becoming a super-star at work.

The 10 tips for star performance can be divided in two groups:

1. Six (6) performance-tuning strategic tips – these are strategies you need to think though which will help you achieve star performance.

2. Four (4) performance action tactical tips – what tactical activities will define you as a star performer.

Performance-tunining strategic tips:

1. Define what you want – clearly define your goals and rank your desires. Are you working towards a promotion within the next year? Increase your customer base? Avoid customer attrition? Rank in importance what your desires are so you know what to nogotiate when the conversation comes up. As you have probably heard or read many times, you need to define your goals to know what strategies and actions you need to achieve them, and know when you achieve them. Remember to establish SMART goals.

2. Know why you were hired – find out exactly what’s the real reason you where hired or contracted. Yes, you got a job title and description, or if you are self-employed, you may have a contract or other agreement that details what your getting paid to do. But find the underlying reason you in particular were selected. I was hired at my current position to spearhead packaging process improvements, but the real reason is my manager needed a person that could drive a culture change to use process and quality improvement tools and methodologies in our organization. Some people are selected for a contract, not only because they can do the work (of course they can do the work, otherwise they would not be considered for the job) but because they can also bring something extra that the hiring manager or customer wants. You may have the charasteristic to share you knowledge with others in your group, making your group even better. If you are a contractor, you not only do the job well, but may do some extra cleaning or provide good follow-up visits to make sure your client is making the best use of your product or service. Whatever the underlying reason is that you were chosen above others, you need to know it and make sure you deliver on that expectation.

3. Rate yourself; are you the best? – know where you are ranked in your group or industry. Are you among the top 10%? If not, what are those in the top 10% doing that you are not? What can you do to get there?

4. Make it about the business and you – understand your organization’s business, and know the direction its going, the challenges and limitations, and how your skills can help. Make it about helping the business. Sieze any opportunities to help your organization or your customers. The presenter at the conference I attended offered an example of two individuals who wanted to work for his organization. One went to talk to him and listed why he wanted to work for his organization as a Program Manager and the skills he brings to the job. The other individual had learned of a project his group had droped for lack of resources and volunteered to work on it. Which one do you think he would hire when an opening came up? A frined of mine is a realtor, and that line of work has been slow lately. So he is making up by doing remodeling work. One day he was in his Realtor office and noticed the gutters needed cleaning. He volunteered to clean the gutters and save the company some money. So he change clothes and did the work. Do you think the general manager will fight to keep him? You bet!

5. Understand your manager or customers – watch what things triggers him/her and play to those things. If you see the manager getting on someone’s case for being late you know punctuality is very important to that manager, so make sure you are on-time to meetings! In conversations with customers, pick on details that indicate how they like things done or delivered. That may give you the edge over the competition.

6. Understand other people (peers, other managers, business partners, employees, etc.) – same as with your manager or customer, know what triggers other managers in your organization, or other business partners in your industry?

Performance-action tactical tips:

This are tips for identifying the grade scale of performance. Assuming you are delivering on your commitments, the grade starts at A-. In an organization that hires the best, or in a very competitive industry, a person that consistently delivers on his commitments is in the A level, but to be a super star, you need to perform above A+ level.

7. A- = commit and deliver: doing the work you were paid for is AVERAGE performance. This will put you above people that don’t deliver consistently on their commitments, but if you only do the work you were paid for, you are merely meeting what was already expected. Like the presenter in the conference said, “every two weeks we are even, as I pay you for the work we agreed.” As self-employed, you would do the work that you were hired to do as detailed in the contract. In today’s market you’ll have a lot of competition performing at this level. If there is one thing I suggest you remember from this article, it is this one.

8. A = commit and over-deliver: if you do a little extra on your deliveries you will step to the next level above the crowd. Getting that delivery a little early, or with an extra level of detail may do the trick to go beyond what was expected. It may be to do a little extra cleaning of the construction site where you just completed your work, or put a tie in the hangers so your dry-cleaning customers don’t have the pressed cloth moving all over in the car on the way home. Sending a birthday card to your customers, or giving them a discount that day. Look for delivering that little extra that may add value.

9. A+ = all things in A and; initiate and inovate: for A+ performance, you would need to add initiative and innovation. Being aware of what things are needed and proactively volunteer to address them if they fit your skills. Look and propose new ways of doing things, with the idea that you may the one driving its implementation. If these things add value to the organization or your customers, you would keep rising high above the rest. Seize opportunities to leverage your skills to help the organization.

10. Super star = A+ and; being self-aware, repeatedly making others great, leave a positive legacy: the super star goes beyond the A+ performer by making others around him great. Eveytime I think about this, the name Michael Jordan comes to mind. People always comment about Jordan’s great talent and skills, and how he could make the great plays at clutch moments, but invariably they also talk about how he made his teammates better. When comparing Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant, this may be the separating factor that makes Jordan a super-star, and Kobe an A+ player. Super-stars also leave a positive legacy. They start and implement some new methodology or tool which will continue to add value to the organization long after they are gone.

In Summary:

In this economy, its important to stand out above the crowd. Being clear on your goals and ranking your desires are the first step towards becoming a star performer. Understand the business you are in, and what are the influencing factors, dependencies, pain-points, capabilities, and limitations.

Understand you manager or customer, which will be directly evaluating your performance, as well as understanding other influential managers or business partners which will also influence your performance or evaluation, or may be impacted by it. Find out exactly why you were hired. Why did your manager or customer chose you? Understanding this will assure you deliver on what’s important to them, besides what is expected from being written in the contract or job description.

And remember, doing exaclty what you’re told or paid to do, is AVERAGE!. Go the extra mile in what you do and leverage every opportunity to improve the business by initiating something or innovating a new process, service, or product. A manager or customer always wants around people that will go the extra mile to push ahead their business interests.

5 Effective Steps to Blogging

5 Effective Steps to Blogging

There are some basic steps that every blogger takes to increase their traffic and the size of their targeted audience. Below, you will find effective tools to get you the most you can out of your blog.

1. Write Every Day

It is vital to add a new post to your blog every day. The best way that search engines will be able to find your blog online is by adding quality content. Quality content posted to your blog on a routine basis will increase your search engine rankings.

2. Use Effective Tracking Tools

Google provides every blogger a simple way to track and report all of the activity on your blog. Using Google Analytics, you will be able generate reports and understand exactly how traffic is being sent to your site. This provides a quick analysis of exactly how your sales leads and subscribers are finding you online. You will be taking a risk if you do not nave this effective data. It is quite easy to overlook many valuable opportunities or you may be unaware that you are posting the wrong type of content. The Google Analytics tool is available on a variety of blogging sites as a plug-in to make the process even easier.

3. Use Social Media as a Tool

If no one realizes that a blog is available online, many quality blogs suffer the fate of not being found. There are other social media tools that can be used to drive more traffic to your blogging site, such as Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Facebook and more. These sites work very effectively together. They provide the opportunity to associate with others to have meaningful conversations. You will be able to connect like-minded individuals who may be interested in being redirected to your blogging site.

4. Provide a Call to Action

The most effective way to strengthen your blogging site is by providing a call to action. Without one, bloggers often find it difficult to ask their readers to do anything. It is almost impossible to get clients to retweet, comment and subscribe until you make the effort and ask. A call to action can be a very effective way to increase traffic of repeat subscribers. Keep in mind, you will need to integrate sharing and giving valuable content first.

5. Use SEO Tools

Google is the most likely candidate who will end up being the most reliable traffic source. It will automatically index every updated post you publish on your blogging site. Google will create the best way to redirect readers to all of your blogging sites. The way they do this is through search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is constantly evolving. They use a number of effective tactics that are used to get your rankings to the top of the results page of a Google search engine query.

It is imperative that you realize that your blogging site is strictly a marketing tool. By maximizing the effectiveness of the specific tools, you can generate higher traffic to your site, where your audience returns time and again to your site.

How to Target Customers Using Mobile Marketing

How to Target Customers Using Mobile Marketing

For any online business, there is a certain segment of target customers. However, customers are always mobile. You cannot have them sit in front of their computer screens, waiting for the next big advertisement to pop up. To get hold of your mobile customers, mobile marketing is what every business needs. That way, you can target them even when they are on the move.

When your potential customers are waiting in a queue, playing games or listening music, you can just hone in by sending an SMS with your offer. By far, mobile marketing is the most powerful tool, and a new trend, which works. Unlike websites, customers are not bugged by banner blindness on the mobile phones as it happens online. Ads popping up on cell phones are usually targeted, taking up the entire screen – the prospect has just two options – either to click or quit.

Moreover, there are so many mobile devices available these days that, it makes this medium of marketing highly target oriented. From smartphones to tablets and cell phones, marketing has found a new dimension globally. With free apps making the most out of potential customers, you are only a step away from making big bucks with target marketing.

Unfailing Tools of Mobile Marketing

At present, mobile marketing has successfully skyrocketed in the recent months. It has been evidenced that sales through mobile devices and apps have risen significantly, and this trend is unlikely to change very soon. Amidst the trend of mobile-friendly portals and the extensive use of apps, marketing gurus are literally scrambling to have room for the latest and upcoming technologies to target their consumers effectively and make them stay.

For instance, Mobile Banner Advertisements, SMS Marketing, Mobile Surveys and Pull Marketing are the most advanced tools that can promote your business and services, while giving you prospect customers at the same time.

Mobile banner ads target customers using their email services or browsing online or even while playing games using apps. You can buy banner ads that will pop up during the browsing sessions. Well, this method of marketing has been around for quite some time, and it works. If it didn’t, marketers wouldn’t purchase them. Banner ads posted on mobile phones have an added advantage – it isn’t too competitive. Considering that mobile advertising is a relatively new field, your competitors may not be using the same. Highly targeted offers convert quickly as they don’t have time limits on web surfing because there is no fixed site or location. As such, it doesn’t affect customers’ browsing sessions.

SMS marketing is also a popular tool these days. It is the real test using plain text. As such, copywriting skills matter the most in SMS format. You have to promote your product without any banner, fancy logo or image. Using call to action words can bring your target customers in.

Mobile surveys are ads that don’t give you the feel of ads. That makes surveys the coolest tool for target customers. Ads that are too obvious fail to generate interest in people. Surveys provide information, or gather information, without a cliché sales pitch. When customers complete a survey, giving you their details, you can hone in and target the offer to match their needs. Powerful, indeed!

Pull advertisement, or pull marketing, is when customers request for a service, usually free service, and you offer service with an advertisement or limited features or an upgrade plan. Usually, apps choose this method of marketing. Customers download apps, use it and get tired very soon. If you offer them compelling features with a decent price, giving them a reminder, they will surely oblige, rather than imposing on them.

Of late, mobile marketing appears to be a dominant force, especially in dating and gaming industries. Young and addicted gamers are willing to fork over thousands of dollars to buy materials, tools and intangible goods that help them progress in a game. However, to make sure this business yields profit, you have to constantly upgrade it and use specialized knowledge.

The App Era

Companies across various industries are gainfully reaping the advantages of mobile apps, particularly retailers, consumer services and the media. Apps offer an amazing mobile shopping avenue with exclusive deals as well as personalized content to mobile users.

However, it is best to have a responsive portal as well as an app, just the way Flipkart, Amazon and other online stores are going. People access web content through varied devices these days. Websites that aren’t compatible across other devices like mobile phones or tablets will not see frequent engagement or return visits. In fact, a study conducted by Google in 2012 shows that 74 percent people would return to a portal if it also worked on their mobile phones. Likewise, 55 percent opined that poor experience would leave a bad impression on their minds of that particular brand.
Determining the need to maintain a responsive website as well as an app comes down to one thing – knowing your target market and their preferences. If your target market is connected, you have to provide informative and educational resources, or you can have service or product that consumer generally purchase eon a regular basis. In that case, having an app can be a practical supplement.

Cautious Advertising

Advertisements are all over the place. There’s nothing new that ads are designed to attract buyer’s attention. For marketers, it is important to note that consumer perceptions have changed; with the advent of latest technologies readily available, consumers are given the pilot seat. They might like to watch an ad appearing on the right hand side of the webpage they are browsing – they might click on it, or simply choose to skip.

It is crucial to know where exactly your customers belong in order to target them properly. Though important, mobile advertising should also be more aware of customer base and the target market.

Most important of all, advertisement through videos is always successful. Even if you are targeting mobile phone users, make sure your ads come with videos, which leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of buyers. The impact of video is unlikely to change.

There are various aspects of latest marketing strategies that might be overwhelming at times. The only way is to choose tactics that suit your business needs and follow.

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

There are many different ways to making money online and affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most popular models. You will be able to get started with affiliate marketing with a very low investment and you can reach out to the global market. The best thing is that you will be able to quickly start making money online as you can promote it directly without creating your own product.

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model where you will be promoting other people’s product and you will be paid commission for every sale that you refer. The product owner will be responsible for product support, delivery and other things. Your role as an affiliate is to refer people to the product so that you will be able to make commission whenever one of the people you referred purchased the product.

When you are looking for affiliate product to promote, you will need to make sure that the product will be able to help solve people’s problem. You will want to make sure that you are in a market where you have passion for it. The best thing about being an affiliate is that you do not need to create the product and you can quickly start promoting it. Your main goal as an affiliate is to simply refer the people to the product and you should be focusing on that.

Most of the affiliate programs that are in the market today use the pay per sale compensation method. This is the most common affiliate program that you will see. If you want to get the best results from your affiliate marketing effort, you will need to make sure that you are sending targeted traffic to the offer. If you are able to start making your first $1,000 online, you will simply just need to duplicate the whole process again to make more money.

You will have to put in effort in learning the right knowledge if you want to start making consistent income from your affiliate marketing effort. Remember to stay focus on the traffic generation activities once your website is created as this ensure that there is a consistent flow of traffic back to your website. Get your autoresponder set up and have some tracking in place so that you will be able to track your business performance. Once everything is set up properly, you should be able to start seeing some results.

Social Media and Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social Media and Your Online Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is a critically important way for any business to promote its brand and ensure that it is reaching as many potential customers as possible. The internet is a huge place though, with vast resources and possibilities for connecting with others. This is all good for your internet marketing strategy though. As long as you can figure out a way to shape that strategy around the obvious benefits of the internet, you can be successful marketing and ultimately selling your product.

The discussion now leads us to the importance and ramifications of social media for your business. By its very nature, social media is all about connecting people. In the past decade, billions of people around the world have flocked to social media for its ability to connect them with friends, family, and even business. This means that tailoring your online marketing strategy to take best possible advantage of social media trends is vitally important in making an impact on consumers and reaching the highest number of potential customers available. Social media is a broad category and includes a huge number of potential platforms for interacting and making contacts.

One of the most important of these social media platforms is Twitter. Some people lament the sad state of the modern attention span and Twitter is certainly not helping in that regard. The service allows any user to instantly share messages of up to 140 characters with anyone that wants to “follow” them. Twitter is free furthermore, and there is no limit to the number of tweets you can produce, or the number of followers you can acquire.

If you read that in the context of an internet marketing strategy and your eyes don’t absolutely light up, then you may want to read it again. That’s right, Twitter is the perfect platform for your business to make all the connections it can. Furthermore, the 140 characters allow you to quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, deliver your message to possible customers and clients.

While Twitter can be hugely important in obtaining attention and traction amongst potential customers, there are other social media platforms that will allow you to reach a completely different audience.

LinkedIn is one of these platforms, and it connects millions of working professionals around the globe. Although it doesn’t offer the same benefits of twitter, it does fundamentally connect you with potential clients and customers. By employing an aggressive strategy to make contacts and form relationships via LinkedIn, your online marketing strategy will by definition be targeting serious professionals who may actually benefit from your product or service.

Internet marketing strategies are key for your business. They allow you to harness the power of the internet in promoting your brand or image and simultaneously reach the millions of people around the world that are always looking for new products and new solutions to their problems. Although the internet is an inherently social tool, it makes sense to refine that social aspect to the point that your business strategy relies heavily on the power of social networks to help it grow. Whichever network you or your business choose to use, the odds are you will find opportunities for growth and developing new partnerships that you never thought possible

How To Select Your Next Minimalist Running Shoes

How To Select Your Next Minimalist Running Shoes

For those of you who are looking for a starting point with the dizzying array of new minimalist running shoes (or barefoot running shoes as others like to call them), here’s a simple getting started guide. As most of you are aware, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 is when footwear manufacturers will launch their latest lightweight and minimal shoe offerings.

This guide will help you choose a pair of minimalist running shoes in three easy steps.

Step 1

Pick your favorite footwear BRAND or COMPANY. Or try any of the brands if you are just starting out and have no brand loyalty yet.

Step 2

Pick the terrain that you are most likely to be running on: ROAD (asphalt, concrete) or TRAIL (hard or soft packed).

Step 3

If you are just starting out, select a shoe under the NOVICE column. If you are fully transitioned, pick a shoe under the ADVANCED column.

Once you have selected your shoes, the next step is to choose your own personal transitioning plan. Remember to transition slowly so you don’t get injured.

Remember, you are an INDIVIDUAL so what works for OTHERS may not work for YOU. Find your own PERSONAL minimalist running shoes AND your own PERSONAL transitioning plan.

Brook Running

Road NOVICE Minimalist Runner – Green Silence, 8mm differential
ADVANCED Minimalist Runner – Pure Connect, 4mm differential

Trail NOVICE Minimalist Runner – Green Silence, 8mm drop
ADVANCED Minimalist Runner – Pure Grit, 4mm drop


Road NOVICE – Road-X Lite 155, 3mm differential
ADVANCED – Bare-X Lite 150, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – X-Talon 190, 3mm differential
ADVANCED – Bare Grip 200, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – F-Lite 195, 3mm
ADVANCED – Bare Grip 200, zero drop


Road NOVICE – Bare Access, zero drop
ADVANCED – Road Glove, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – Mix Master, 4mm heel-to-toe
ADVANCED – Trail Glove, zero drop

New Balance

Road NOVICE – Minimus Road, 4mm heel-to-toe
ADVANCED – Minimus Zero Road, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – Minimus Trail, 4mm heel-to-toe
ADVANCED – Minimus Zero Trail, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – MT 110, 4mm heel-to-toe
ADVANCED – Minimus Zero Trail, zero drop


Road NOVICE – Kinvara 2, 4mm differential
ADVANCED – Hattori, zero drop

Trail NOVICE – Peregrine, 4mm differential
ADVANCED – Peregrine 2, 4mm differential

Now that you have selected a shoe to start with, follow any of the transitioning plans from Merrell, Inov-8, ECCO BIOM, or start educating yourself with lots of related articles from the Natural Runni

Effective Ways To Invest Your Money

Effective Ways To Invest Your Money

There are many alternatives for investment like gold or real estate. There are also securities that are more complicated than bonds and stocks. These need some specialized knowledge. The best way for you to get started is to build your financial foundation with the following basic types of investment.

Option #1: Bonds

Bonds are securities founded on debt. When you purchase bonds, you are lending out your money to a certain company or to the government. What you will get in return is the money you have lent out plus the interest that it has earned. Bond is a type of investment that is risk- free or virtually guaranteed. It is relatively safe as you normally buy bonds from a stable company or government. The disadvantage though is that there is a little potential return compared to other types of investments.

Option #2: Stocks

Equities or stocks are another type of investment where you become a part owner of a business. Purchasing stocks mean that you receive any profits that the company allocates to its owners. With stocks however, profits which are also called dividends are not guaranteed. The stock market fluctuates every day. Be prepared to lose some of your investments when this happens. When stocks are good though, you get high potential returns.

Option #3: Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are collection of bonds and stocks. These are usually set up with a smart strategy in mind. Buying a mutual fund means you are pooling your money with other investors. As part of the group, you pay for a professional manager to take care of your money. The manager chooses a sound investment for you so you get better returns on this type of investment. Additionally, mutual fund allows you to invest your money without knowing much about technical details. However, there are some aspects about this investment that you should be aware of. So choose the kind of mutual fund to invest on for better returns.

Option #4: Crowd funding

If you have extra money, you can turn to an equity crowd funding website. Here you can find business ideas which you can fund. When it comes to financial security matters, people have a lot of great ideas. However, due to limited funding, these amazing thoughts that could change the world and solve problems remain merely as concepts. By pitching their ideas on the website, they can find potential investors. Large corporations looking for new investments are also hungry to give financial support. Help them raise a capital.

Engineering a System of Systems

Engineering a System of Systems

The evolution of an enterprise resembles the evolution of any other type of organism. Processes become more complex as the enterprise grows; job requirements become more compartmentalized. Over time, complex and varied systems are developed or implemented to help personnel perform their very specific sets of tasks. Many enterprises today are composed of many of these separate silos of activity that do not share information with each other – and when they do it is not in real time.

This organizational model has served us well, generally helping to improve operational efficiency, increasing productivity, and providing better tools for people to do their jobs. Now, as we enter the era of connected devices and the IoT (Internet of Things), it is becoming more apparent that these old models that were designed to make things more efficient are actually serving as obstacles to taking the next step.

Before now, these separate silos of activity allowed people to focus more specifically on the task at hand without worrying about any other tasks. Today’s reality is that an enterprise truly operates as more of a continuum. All of these separate systems must work in concert to ensure the health of the organism as a whole.

Imagine your own personal organism. How would your lungs work correctly without information from your circulatory system? And how could your circulatory system deal with injuries without information from your nervous system? Our brains, hearts, lungs, stomachs, kidneys and livers must be in constant communication with one another at all times. And any one of these systems can be impacted at any time but new information pulled in from outside through our senses. A healthy organism is not one where each individual system performs its specific tasks as efficiently as possible. A healthy organism is one in which every system is constantly striving to ensure the greater good of the entire organism.

Many enterprises are discovering today that they need to implement a system of systems.

Implementing a system that encompasses all of your existing systems can increase your capacity for management, analysis, and understanding of underlying business problems and opportunities. Gain real-time insight into how altering just one component of a process can impact all other processes. For instance, witness in real time how a change to a maintenance schedule effects productivity and asset performance. Discover opportunities to reduce energy consumption or& create greater coordination between your production schedule and your supply chain.

A system of systems can promote greater high-level situational awareness, increase your capacity for interdepartmental collaboration, and allow for entirely new models of analysis and automation. Imagine the following scenario: a plant floor machine’s throughput drops below what’s expected; immediately, an alarm notification is sent and the machine is automatically shut down for maintenance. Another task is triggered to generate a work order; the work order is automatically assigned to the technician who is closest and best able to perform the work (the technician is notified in real time on his smart phone or tablet). While the maintenance is performed, all of the day’s numbers related to production, profit, warehousing, shipping, etc. are automatically adjusted to accommodate the downtime. Meanwhile, the technician is able to perform the maintenance, test the machine, and update the work order right there on the spot (on his phone, for instance). All other systems are automatically aware of the work order’s completion in real-time and everything is adjusted again accordingly.

Imagine creating custom interfaces for each role in your organization. Depending on an individual’s job responsibilities, he/she could have real-time access to all data necessary to do their jobs – regardless of where that data was generated or where it is stored.

With a little imagination, there is a seemingly endless number of possibilities revealed when all of your data systems and personnel are working in a network of continuous communication. And the best part is that implementing an SoS does not require removing or replacing any of your existing systems. The software application or suite can be installed as a sort of top layer that ties all of your systems together. Keep your SCADA/DCS system. Keep your CMMS, your ERP, and any of the other useful systems in which you have already invested enormous amounts of time and money. They will still provide value. Your SoS is not intended to replace these systems, but to weave them together into a single fabric of continual intelligence and agility.